A New View Of Change

John 10:14

I am the Shepherd; and I know mine own, and mines know me.

People hate change, but is it the change we are really resisting? Most of the time we think the change will make our situation worse rather than better.  So it’s not the change that we hate, it’s the change that that involves loss–sometimes physical; other times emotional or psychological.

Change is both inevitable and necessary.  If everything stays the same, no one is growing.  But we have a Good Shepherd who guild us through change and leads us to better place.  Getting there may be difficult, as it  was for the Israelites in reaching the Promise Land.  The Israelites grumbled  and complained when their situation got worse instead of better.

But Jesus was an example for all to follow when it comes to change.  He went from  a child in a manager to leader of many to being cruxifled.  The Good Shepherd became the Passover Lamb.  Because Christ willing went through suffering, God elevated Him to the highest place (John 10:11;Phil 2:8-9).

Not all change is pleasant, but when we’re being led to a better place by someone that loves us, we don’t need to fear it.  Faith in Christ will keep us steady in the stormy sea of change.


2 thoughts on “A New View Of Change

  1. Thank you for your blog! It was much needed today. Amber is straying way off the path and is unfortunately following in footsteps she should run from.


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