Dream Big and Live Big

Often times God gives you this vision that is so far fetch, so unreal, way beyond your present day condition. You will see it but that don’t mean that folk around you will see it or believe in it, too. What God has for you is for you and you can’t even stop His progress for your Life -it’s truly for His Glory. It’s your time, your dreams are becoming truer with each passing second of your life. Yes you may fail, yes you will get impatient, yes you will lose folk you thought you had to have around you, yes you will make mistakes and yes you might want to give up – quit and runaway but our time is right now. Don’t give up and dream big and live Big for God. Love You.




One thought on “Dream Big and Live Big

  1. Yes, it takes trusting him. God is in control. He is waiting on us. Don’t let circumstances stop you from dreaming. Push through them, push through difficult times and be determine to make it. Keep your focus on Jesus and your vision. Dream big, it is out there for you!!!


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