And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.  1 Peter 4:8

What the people of God needs now is love sweet love….Love is a very important attribute in our walk. Why? Because God is love.  It started with Him in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world” which is his creation.  Even though his creation sinned and disobeyed, He found a way to reconciled us back to Him because of His great love for us.  He looked beyond all of our faults and He saw our needs.  Love is an action word.  We ought to follow God’s example in showing our love to each other than just saying mere words.  For how can we say we love God whom we never seen, but we hate our brother whom we see every day.  For if anyone loves God, they must love their brother too.  This is a commandment from God.  (1 John 4:20)


One thought on “Love

  1. Very true! The more I trust and have faith in Gods word the more my heart and my actions follow Him. Recently my exhusband passed away at the age of 47. He was adopted as a young boy and never felt the family connection. Six years ago he found his younger brother and his mother. The connection helpled him to reconnect with Jesus, settle down and start a family. When he became sick, his brother contacted me to let me know what was happening. He was surprized at my reaction of love and understanding. The brother was able speak with my daughter/his neice for the first time. Sometimes what appears to be a tradegy in Gods eyes can be the healing one needs. This situation taught me that I am growing in his word to be able to extend the love and forgiveness He gave me to towards someone who tried to destroy me. God’s plan is not always our plan and with his love he fixes our stupidity with blessing galore.


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