Be content

Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. — Philippians 4:11

The Apostle Paul says it so well that I learned in whatever state I am to be content.  I am learning to be content. Why?  Because I know there is a God who sits high and he looks low and he sees all that is happening with me and around me. He is concerned about everything that is important to me: my sons, my health, my job, my finances, my parents, my siblings, my goals and my desires.  No matter how great or small it may be to me, God cares!  When trouble comes to my door, I can look to him and say, Lord I know you have this under control and I trust you to work it out. When we try to take care of it ourselves, we will begin worrying  and fretting on an answer.  We can’t do this because worry will tie up God’s hands.  It says to him I don’t trust you or believe that you can work it out.

Be encouraged today because not only is God concerned about me, he is concerned about you!  That’s what I love about God there is plenty of him to go around.  He does not have to limit himself to me, and he can be there for you and be all that you need him for you too.  Be blessed today and be content in every situation that you are in because God has it under control and if you trust him, he will and he can change the situation in your life or he will change you for the situation.


2 thoughts on “Be content

  1. Yes praise him! This is my scripture that I have learned to live by and cast out all doubts. I no longer live with the why me, trust is simply my answer, which leaves content in whatever state I am in.


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